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The Team

All other team members are independent contractors (accountant, property management, VA etc.)

Modern Architecture

Who is the Sovereign Sage?

There is only one "Sovereign Sage".  Jesus himself - God in the flesh.  All things were created by Him and through Him and He holds all things together (sovereign) - Colossians 1.  In addition to being fully God and fully man, Jesus is known for being a wise man and a great teacher (sage). 

We strive to embody the Sovereign Sage by operating with wisdom, integrity, and transparency.

Apartment Balconies

How we mitigate Risk

There is always risk involved when investing.  However, we believe that because of these risk mitigation strategies that investing in Commercial Real Estate is much safer than the stock market.

• We ALWAYS buy at wholesale prices.
• We CREATE appreciation though the value-add process.
• We buy for CASH FLOW.
• We NEVER speculate.
• We stick to class A, B & C+ areas.
• We complete ALL due diligence.
• We STRESS the underwriting.
• We try to KILL the deal.
• We obtain FAVORABLE financing terms.
• We CASH OUT investors quickly.
• We have multiple EXIT STRATEGIES.

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