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Apartment Building

Compassionate Capitalists working with
Faith Driven Investors
to acquire
Redemptive Real Estate 


Why Sovereign Sage


Making smart decisions based on a proven blue-print and ensuring a thorough due-diligence process is key to avoiding pitfalls.

Having enough experience to know there are no get rich quick schemes and there is no substitute for hard-work.


Doing the right thing all the time because doing what you say you will do and treating others the way you want to be treated honors God and builds trust.

Living a life above reproach and conducting business above board in a honest and upright way.


Communicating clearly and truthfully in a manner that illuminates all that is happening.  Disclosing the good, the bad, and the ugly allows trust to be built and informed decisions to be made.

Revealing the inner workings of the business so that all may learn, grow, and prosper.

Apartment Building
Modern Housing Complex
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